Robin and the Move Autism staff teach workshops around the world. We offer introductory 1-day workshops teaching adults tools for working with their children and longer multi-day workshops for parents and professionals desirous of a more in depth understanding of the principles and tools we use.

Robin Presenting

Workshops may have between 25 and 70 people, each on their own mat. These workshops cover some of the essentials of human motor learning, applied both for the adult audience and discussed for application with children with special needs.


Over the course of the workshop participants will be led through a wide variety of movement lessons designed to wake up the brain, improve mobility, and teach the elements then to be applied with children. Try some of these movement, online:


Unlike in traditional lecture settings, these workshops allow for full participation. As soon as a new concept is introduced, it is applied with movement, hands-on practice, and small-group brainstorming.


Whether a principle of learning or a hands-on technique for working with a child, Robin will demonstrate an idea and then promptly have the whole group experiment and learn for themselves.


To schedule a workshop in your area, email [email protected]