Time Lapse – San Francisco 1st Free Children’s Clinic

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Time lapse of San Francisco’s 1st Free Children’s Clinic in March 2013. 4 practitioners gathered together to give lessons to children with special needs. 15 families with children with disability came from around California.

Thanks to [email protected] for the videography!

Free Children’s Clinics have been running around the world since 2004. Practitioners of the Anat Baniel Method for Children have given free lessons to hundreds of children in dozens of countries and now we are hosting what we hope to be the first of many clinics in San Francisco. Practitioners participating are Michelle Bensky, Andrea Bowers, Rosalie Lamb, and Robin Zander.

This event was open to parents and children with special needs, professionals, and anyone curious to learn more!

The Anat Baniel Method for Children is a revolutionary neuro-movement approach for improving function. These lessons help children’s brains to learn movement, thought, and feelings. Often the results of these lessons surpass those expected from other methods used with Special Needs Children.

Parents have reported that, after a series of lessons, the first changes they see in their children include: greater comfort, increased alertness and awareness of surrounding, improved mood, and better sleep. They have also noted functional changes: better balance; improved ability to move, crawl, walk, run, jump, and reach; improved speech; and greater problem-solving skills.

Can you think of anyone else who might possibly be interested in this event, too? We’d love to contact them directly, if you’d be willing to pass on their info.

Call (415) 938-6683 or email [email protected] for more information on future clinics.

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One thought on “Time Lapse – San Francisco 1st Free Children’s Clinic

  1. laura schepps says:

    this is lovely….truely deeply lovely is your committment and that of the other ABM practitioners….so very beautiful…i am friends with amelia nagai who came and watched and was very moved….i would like to support however i can in the future…i will be out of town in may when you do one again but home after that …..
    thank you for being the mover and shaker that you are….with love, laura schepps
    ps i am just about to finish the ABM training and beginning the children’s mastery in july….to ob serve you guys in action would be wonderful for me..

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