The Attitude That Doesn’t Work Exercise

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Attitude That Doesn’t Word,Try this exercise: go for a walk somewhere where you will meet lots of people. Find a populated park or city street. Walk for 10 minutes and greet the people you meet with a hello or nod. At the very least do look at every single person you pass. With everyone you see pick something specific about them to judge as bad. It could be their dress, their posture, their skin. Maybe it is the company the person is keeping or a story you make up about the person’s home life. Anything you those to focus on, so long as you judge it as bad. Actually do this exercise and I guarantee you will find that at the end of the 10-minute walk you will be more tired than when you started. It is exhausting and taxing to judge all the time!



Like this exercise? More coming very soon as part of the book Move Through Autism.

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