One change that we see consistently with children with autism is an improvement in constipation. A mother tells her son’s story… .

In this account, recorded at San Francisco’s 1st Free Children’s Clinic, a wide variety of parents discuss their experiences applying the Anat Baniel Method and the Son-Rise Program with their children.

Autism can be hard but it doesn’t have to be that hard.

My daughter had an amazing increase of language, increase in eye contact and more clarity in her use of language!

The following is an account by this girl’s mother on her progress over the course of our 10 session series. The girl was nine years old.

Autism Girl Table 1

During Lesson

  • She moved her back in the way Robin asked. I never knew that she knew the difference between rounding and arching her back.
  • Freyja was very calm throughout her lesson. For several weeks she has been very whiny and aggressive verbally. On the table, she laid down and responded very softly and quietly.

After Lesson:

  • She was super receptive to verbal encouragement. Exp: she was asking me questions she already knew the answers to. So I told her should could just make a statement instead of a question and she said “Hey mom, salmon is a fish!”  I celebrated that one!

Autism Girl Table 3

During Lesson

  • She was open to tumbling on the floor. Flexible in trying something new she has never done.
  • Responding to Robins touch in small very subtle ways.
  • Letting go of tension in her legs and letting Robin move her legs.

After Lesson

  • Super comfortable with the building and the movement
  • Very Verbal- asking right away and grabbing the pillows and telling Robin when she was done!
  • Freyja made our bed without being asked and I don’t even ask her to do it at home.
  • Honoring the boundaries I was placing with my facial products and not wasting or overusing them. Listen very well!
  • New Language skills “ I need a towel in the bathroom in case the floor is wet.”

Autism Girl Table 4 Breakthrough Afternoon

  • More Lanugage
  • Amazing shared experiences
  • “There is a balcony. Surfers on the waves. This is still some in there.” (talking about the sand in her shoes). Noticing and voicing things she has never done before.

After Lesson

  • More eye contact
  • Super humorous-cracking jokes, and telling me what she wanted
  • More new language skills

Autism Girl Table 5

At home 2 days after sessions: Freyja has had an amazing increase of language, is using shared experiences (telling us what she is observing around her), an increase in eye contact,  more clarity of language, and, something so sweet and amazing, is random hugging and physical affection like rubbing and reaching for us.  Also, very exciting, is a kind of confidence in herself I have never noticed her having.  When normally she would hide when someone walks in the room she is approaching them. She is kind of strutting around the house like she feels so good. With these amazing changes will be continuing lessons regularly and are exciting about Freyja’s development through exploring her body and healing herself through Anat movements.

Autism Girl Table 6

One change we observe frequently is that children become happier.

When this boy began working with us he was loud and aggressive. Over a series of lessons he changed remarkably!

Free Children’s Clinics have been running around the world since 2004. Practitioners of the Anat Baniel Method for Children have given free lessons to hundreds of children in dozens of countries and we now host quarterly clinics around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here is a time lapse video of our first free clinic in San Francisco, recorded in March 2013.

These events are open to parents and children with special needs, professionals, and anyone curious to learn more! Lessons are for the children and observers welcome.

The Anat Baniel Method for Children is a revolutionary neuro-movement approach for improving function. These lessons help children’s brains to learn movement, thought, and feelings. Often the results of these lessons surpass those expected from other methods used with Special Needs Children.

Parents have reported that, after a series of lessons, the first changes they see in their children include: greater comfort, increased alertness and awareness of surrounding, improved mood, and better sleep. They have also noted functional changes: better balance; improved ability to move, crawl, walk, run, jump, and reach; improved speech; and greater problem-solving skills.

Can you think of anyone else who might possibly be interested in this event, too? We’d love to contact them directly, if you’d be willing to pass on their info.

Call (415) 938-6683 or email [email protected] for more information.