Using Rhythm to Join and Communicate – Anat Baniel Met...
Posted: May 26th, 2013 | Category: News | 0 comment

In the early stages of our lessons Joaquin did not want to communicate or interact – certainly not for extended periods of time. As you can see, even over the course of the few lessons shown here, he changed dramatically. When he discovered that we could interact using the guitar he became much more affectionate and interactive. He used the guitar as a self-regulating behavior, which I joined. It then became a way for us to interact and play. He would create a rhythm, I would mimic it and then add to it. He enjoyed putting his lips against the guitar strings as I plucked them and paid particularly close attention to the feeling of vibration. By the end of 10 lessons he would enter the room and immediately come to sit in my lap and want to play together on the guitar.