Son-Rise Playrooms – Why Volunteer?

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I first encountered the Son-Rise Playroom because I was having a really bad time in my life. I kept meeting parents with children very severe on the autistic spectrum who were among the most loving and affectionate parents I have ever met in my life.

I asked them: “What are you doing that you so happy? Don’t you see that your child is kicking and screaming over here”?

They said: “Yes, but every day, Robin, for six or eight hours a day, I practice the attitude. I practice loving my child, being present with them.”

I wanted that. I was having such a hard time in my own life. I wanted some of what they had. I asked them: “Where do you go to do that?” And so I volunteered in a Son-Rise Playroom. Now in my practice I take this same attitude and I apply it to my work with children.

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