Silicon Valley Free Children’s Clinic – December 14th

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Join us this December for the Silicon Valley Free Children’s Clinic! Hosted at the Avalon Academy, practitioners will be providing lessons and teaching skills to parents of children with special needs. Space is limited so sign up now!

December 14, 2013
Avalon Academy
818 Mahler Rd, Burlingame CA 94010



Free Children’s Clinics, organized by local trained and certified practitioners of The Anat Baniel Method for Children, offer parents the chance to see firsthand how this educational method can help their children who live with disabilities, from minor delays to major issues. Practitioners provide each child a free individual lesson in a large room where five other practitioners are simultaneously working with other children.

Reserve Time For Your Child, Now:

The Anat Baniel Method for Children expands upon the innovative work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, inventor of the Feldenkrais Method®. The Feldenkrais-based lessons help children’s brains to learn movement, thought, and feelings. Often the results of these lessons surpass those expected from other methods used with Special Needs Children.

Parents have reported that, after a series of such lessons, the first changes they see in their children include: greater comfort, increased alertness and awareness of surrounding, improved mood, and better sleep. They have also noted functional changes: better balance; improved ability to move, crawl, walk, run, jump, and reach; improved speech; and greater problem-solving skills.

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