There are several options for working with Robin:

  • Visit his office in San Francisco
  • Schedule Robin to come to your town
  • Outreaches for your family

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Lessons for children and adults cost $200.00 per lesson. We schedule about 10 lessons over 5 days because lessons build one upon another, making a series exponentially more effective than a single lesson alone. We suggest at least a 2-hour break between lessons each day to allow for food, sleep, and integration. 

Changes we anticipate as a result of lessons:

  • Increase in ease of movement
  • Non-verbal child expresses preferences more clearly – non-verbally or in words
  • Partially verbal or verbal child acquires more words, phrases or increase self-direction and intentionality
  • Increase in social interaction or decrease in avoidance of same.
  • Decrease or change in “ism” / “stim” / self-regulating behavior
  • Other new skills, activities, interests, changes observed



We offer paid and free presentations to groups of professionals and parents all over the world. Like our workshops, these “lectures” are interactive, engaging the audience with the material discussed.

Learn more about Move Autism presentations.

To schedule a presentation for your community or organization email [email protected]



We  teach workshops nationally and internationally. Workshops are from 1 to 3 days, and cost between $150-300US per attendee. Workshops may have between 25 and 70 people.

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Email [email protected] to schedule a workshop.


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