Practice Being Present with Autism

Posted: September 4th, 2013 | Category: News | 0 comment

By being present with child with autism we become first a mirror, a way for them to see themselves more clearly. And then more and more appealing, such that they want to spent time with us!

I was working with a little boy with autism. He was about 11 years old. In our first lesson he was all over the place. He was aggressive, confused, upset, crying and tantruming. I did not initially freak out that he was doing all of this. I let him be. As a result, within our first three lessons together he was coming up to me from behind, wrapping his arms around me, and giving me a hug.

It is very simple: it comes from being present with him. It comes from making the decision before I enter the room to love this child, to sit with this child no matter what he is doing, and the want the best for him.

I want the best for you and for your child. Practice being present.

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