Keep Your Expectations Unreasonable

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That’s right! You didn’t read it wrong. I believe it is more useful to have *unreasonable* expectations. When it comes to autism, or really most things in life, it pays to have hopes and plans beyond “reasonable” expectations. Would Steve Jobs have built Apple or Sir Richard Branson have created the Virgin empire if they had listened to all of the people who told them “you can’t”? No, of course not.


“But I keep getting disappointed that nothing works. Shouldn’t I just hope for what’s possible?” I hear this from parents and caregivers all the time. And, yes, in recovering a child from autism there is no quick-fix. It takes time, attention, love and hope. But what’s more likely to result in progress:

“How can we do this?”


“We’ll never get there!”

The question, full of hope. When we set our sights too low there little room and no motivation for progress. So aim higher, shoot for the stars. Take tiny steps every day with your child towards the life you want to share with them.

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