How to Join an Autistic Boy Exactly Where He Is

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Autism is a very complex situation. There are a ton of different factors that influence autism. It is often difficult, starting out, to differentiate, to decide what contributing factors make the most difference.

The principles I teach are ways to simplify those questions. Instead of asking what are all of the different factors and how do we change them all right now – we begin with by questioning one factor and exploring how we can make a slight improvement in that one area.

I was recently talking to a mother whose son can balance on a balance beam 8-feet off the ground but lacks the coordination even to step over a balance beam that is on the ground. Why this is – I have no idea! But it is fascinating. Instead of focusing on that the boy can’t step over a balance beam that is the height of a curb, let’s celebrate that he has enough coordination to walk on a balance beam that is so high off the ground!

We start from there. Maybe we lower the beam six inches. Is he still able to walk around freely? Maybe we raise the balance even higher – making sure that he is safe – and teach him to walk and talk and run in an environment where he feels really at home.

We take a child where they are, celebrate enormously what they are doing, join them in what they are doing, and build together to a better life.

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