Taller para Padres de Niños con Autismo – Robin Zander
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Robin Zander es un practicante del Método Anat Baniel  para los niños y Mentor Certificado del Option Proce...

Children with Autism Improve – Reports from Parents
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"What is the Anat Baniel Method?" "How does it work?" "Does it make a difference with children with special needs?" These are among the most common questions we hear. To begin to answer some of these we've compiled stories from the March 2013 Free Children's Clinic of parents and children discussing their experience.

Time Lapse – San Francisco 1st Free Children’s C...
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Time lapse of San Francisco's 1st Free Children's Clinic in March 2013. 4 practitioners gathered together to give lessons to children with special needs. 15 families with children with disability came from around California.

  I read a journal article some months ago commenting on speakers at the well-known Autism One conference. In the article a very thoroughly credentialed medical doctor was quoted as saying "These professionals are giving false hopes and taking advantage of parents." I'm here to give hope - if other professionals want to call the...

1-Day Workshop in Argentina
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April 14, 2013 in Buenos Aires

Do you know anyone with Special Needs in Argentina? Robin Zander will be teaching a 1-Day workshop in Buenos Aires. Contact [email protected] for more information! Robin Zander is a practitioner of the Anat Baniel Method℠ for Children and a Certified Option Process® Men...

Autism and Constipation
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I often get the question "Can the Anat Baniel Method (sm) help with digestion?" Here is a testimonial from the mother of a child with autism about the effect of lessons on his constipation. The answer is an emphatic "Yes!"