The Impact of Applying a Loving, Compassionate Attitude with...
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I love working with children with autism. I do are not just because I get to witness sometimes subtle and other times profound transformations for the children that I work with. I enjoy what I do because selfishly I benefit in my own life to work with these special needs children! Through practicing an attitude of loving and accepting the children that I work with I feel happier in my own life and can have an even more profound impact with the children that I work with. Learn more about the loving attitude that works with autism in my discussion of the Attitude That...

Everything There Is To Know About Autism, On 1-Page!? (Plus:...
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I'm a fan of the author Tim Ferriss. He published a recent book called the The 4-Hour Chef, which teaches his theme of skill hacking through the medium of cooking. I've never looked for outside help with cooking - in college my quiches received rave reviews and my sister teaches cooking professionally at

Why Does Movement Matter – with Autism?
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When you hear “human movement” what you think of? Something kinesthetic, related to the human body in motion. This is a great beginning – and limited.

Try this exercise:

Play some music that you don’t ordinarily listen to. Play louder than you usually listen to music. Begin to jump up and down asynchronous to the music. Simultaneously, slap your right thigh with your left hand. Now add to that blinking your eyes open and closed very quickly. And finally add in reciting aloud your 13 times tables. Hard to do, right? Now a juxtaposition: lie on your back on a comfortable floor in a quiet room and see if you can, easily and gently, count your 13 times table. Is it easier to do? To do something that is challenging or to learn something new it is much easier to decrease the...

Autistic Boy Quiets, Learns to Listen
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When this boy and I started working together he did not want to interact! In our first couple of lessons the most he would allow was for me to hold one end of a slinky while he held the other stretched out across the room. By making a game of this we quickly developed a rapport such that by the end of 10 lessons we were creating patterns on the guitar and with our voices, and then tapping them out together on his body.   Notice in the first 30 seconds of the video how much he is allowing me to fold his body. Robin Zander is an Anat Baniel Method practitioner who works with children with special needs in San Francisco and around the world. Learn more...

Using Rhythm to Join and Communicate – Anat Baniel Met...
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In the early stages of our lessons Joaquin did not want to communicate or interact – certainly not for extended periods of time. As you can see, even over the course of the few lessons shown here, he changed dramatically. When he discovered that we could interact using the guitar he became much more affectionate and interactive. He used the guitar as a self-regulating behavior, which I joined. It then became a way for us to interact and play. He would create a rhythm, I would mimic it and then add to it. He enjoyed putting his lips against the guitar strings as I plucked them and paid particularly close attention to the feeling of vibration. By the end of 10 lessons he would enter the room and immediately come to sit in my lap and want to play together on the guitar. Watch that over the course of the lessons "J" becomes more comfortable, social and much quieter. In the first 2 minutes I describe and implement an increasingly complex series of arching movements, demonstrating first with "J" and then with his assistant. ("J" does those movement anyways! I just helped him to realize what he was doing.) I never contradict what a child is doing, but instead join with the nervous system and the self-regulating patterns of a child. This builds commonality between me an...

Free Children’s Clinic Press Release
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Free Clinic for Special Needs Children

at Metronome Dance Collective, May 18th

Introduces Anat Baniel Method

  SAN FRANCISCO, CA – San Francisco families with Special Needs Children are invited to bring their children to The Free Children’s Clinic, the second clinic of its kind in the Bay Area to offer the Anat Beniel Method for Children SM. The method has proved helpfu...

Presentation at Mills Peninsula Health Services, San Mateo
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Mills Peninsula Health Services
100 S. San Mateo Dr.
San Mateo, CA
Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation, 2nd floor
Pediatric OT/PT gym
Enter the building from San Mateo Dr side.
Robin Presenting

From Hard to Gentle, Noisy to Calm – 11-Year-Old Autis...
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When K. and I began working together in Feb. 2013 this 11-year-old autistic boy liked hard movements and very loud noises! Over a series of 10 lessons in 5 days he quieted down and discovered differentiation - able to enjoy big and small movements, making lots of noise and being quiet, too! He began to show what he wanted to placing my hands on the parts...

Charla Gratuita en Buenos Aires
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Aprenda a:
  • llevar al máximo el potencial de su niño para que el aprenda más efectivamente.
  • Despertar el cerebro de su niño.
  • Experimentar ejercicios de movimientos eficaces e innovadores.
  • Obtener herramientar para inspirar a su hijo (y a usted mismo) a crecer continuuamente.