People Who Celebrate Win!
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BJ Fogg is a Stanford University professor who researches behavioral change. He has run tens of thousands of participants thought his program, which teaches and reinforces the adoption of small new habits. He has found that providing celebratory email for ever small victory and teaching teaching student to celebrate themselves results in increased longterm adaptation of the new behaviors. People who celebrate win! _MG_3398 It doesn't matter what you are going to celebrate. The cleanliness of your child’s shirt, even if only in this moment. Her haircut. The color of his e...

Free Presentation in San Luis Obispo this Saturday
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Download the Flyer Here! Robin is bringing the Anat Baniel Method℠ to San Luis Obispo, CA over the weekend of September 21-22nd. While in SLO he will be giving a free presentation for families with children with special needs. In this 2-hour workshop Robin will be teaching principles to help families help their children and to improve performance for everyone. In addition to creating profound changes in the lives of children with special needs, the Anat Baniel Method can be beneficial in helping to improve a wide variety of physical difficulties and disorders in adults.


Son-Rise Playrooms – Why Volunteer?
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I first encountered the Son-Rise Playroom because I was having a really bad time in my life. I kept meeting parents with children very severe on the autistic spectrum who were among the most loving and affectionate parents I have ever met in my life. I asked them: "What are you doing that you so happy? Don't you see that your child is kicking and screaming over here"? They said: "Yes, but every day, Robin, for six or eight hours a day, I practice the attitude. I practice loving my child, being present with them." I wanted that. I was having such a hard time in my own life. I wanted some of what they had. I asked them: "Where do you go to do that?" And so...

How to Combine the Anat Baniel Method and Son-Rise Program?
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Families who have tried either the Anat Baniel Method or the Son-Rise Program are hooked. The outcomes they experience for their children are profound. But there is some controversy over whether the combination of these two is useful. Son-Rise Dad and founder of This Is Life Support Greg Milk on the combination of Son-Rise and the Anat Baniel Method:

Practice Being Present with Autism
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By being present with child with autism we become first a mirror, a way for them to see themselves more clearly. And then more and more appealing, such that they want to spent time with us! I was working with a little boy with autism. He was about 11 years old. In our first lesson he was all over the place. He was aggressive, confused, upset, crying and tantruming. I did not initially freak out that he was doing all of this. I let him be. As a result, within our first three lessons together he was coming up to me from behind, wrapping his arms around me, and giving me a hug. It is very simple: it comes from being present with him. It comes from making the d...

How to Join an Autistic Boy Exactly Where He Is
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Autism is a very complex situation. There are a ton of different factors that influence autism. It is often difficult, starting out, to differentiate, to decide what contributing factors make the most difference. The principles I teach are ways to simplify those questions. Instead of asking what are all of the different factors and how do we change them all right now - we begin with by questioning one factor and exploring how we can make a slight improvement in that one area. I was recently talking to a mother whose son can balance on a balance beam 8-feet off the ground but lacks the coordination even to step over a balance beam that is on the ground. Why thi...

The Attitude That Works with Autism
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The Attitude That Works is the attitude that works with autism, and with everybody. It is a combination of loving the person that we are with, focusing on the things that we want to celebrate instead of the things that we want to change, and ourselves acting from a place of compassion and seeking to understand. The Attitude That Works is what I have condensed out of the Option Institute and the Autism Treatment Center of America's "Attitude," out of the Anat Baniel Method, and out of my own experience in high performance and recovering from disability. Where, with your child, might you be able to apply this attitude. For 1 minute each day, or ten times each...

Anat Baniel Method lessons in Fresno, California
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This August Anat Baniel Method practitioner Robin Zander will be visiting Fresno, CA to give lessons to children with special needs and adults.


Move Autism practitioner Robin Zander will be giving lessons to children with special needs and adults during the last week of August 2013 in Fresno, California. In addition, he will be giving a Free Presentation for anyone interested in learning more which will contain specific tools that they can continue to apply at home. The Anat Baniel Method is a neuro-developmental movement therapy which has

Try Something New – Robin of Move Autism Discusses Wor...
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I recently gave a lesson to a little girl with autism. Part way through our series of lessons together she had a tantrum. She is normally very calm. I hadn't seen this before and I asked her mother if this behavior is usual or unusual. Her mother said that she didn't really know what was going on so I suggested we try something new. Right there I applied variation. When something isn't working, try something new! What we tried was stepping out of the room, leaving the girl to tantrum. There wasn't any way for her to hurt herself or anybody else in my office. So we just waited. It is fascinating to watch this on camera. I have this footage recorded. At first she continues to kick and scream. And then after maybe a minute when she realizes that no one is paying attention anymore she got real...

Why Movement for Special Needs Children – Move Autism ...
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Movement has always been at the center of my pursuits and practices. I now have the honor and privilege of taking more than two decades work of experience and applying these skills to children with special needs. Through an understanding of the basic science of human motor learning acquisition - or how people learn to move better - I apply the skills I have acquired to help children learn to move better.